Sasa Loo

Cuddle Kokeshi Pillow Doll

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Image of Cuddle Kokeshi Pillow Doll Image of Cuddle Kokeshi Pillow Doll Image of Cuddle Kokeshi Pillow Doll Image of Cuddle Kokeshi Pillow Doll

My Cuddle Kokeshi are soft and sweet. I was inspired by the traditional wooden limbless doll while I lived in Okinawa, Japan. I decided that these beautiful works of art needed to be made soft and so created my own fabric heirloom version. It was my way of bringing a piece culture into the home and to hopefully inspire a curiosity for far away lands.

I've designed her into a fun, vibrant, and slightly misshapened pillow doll character... Printed with safe water based ink onto a medium weight twill cotton, adding durability.

Choose your doll from:

-Two different bodies: white body with red blossoms or wheat body with pink blossoms

-Two face tones: light or dark

- A back side of either coordinating or natural organic twill.

* Looking for an extra special touch? You can also choose the “Hand Personalization” add-on to your cart before checkout!

Each doll is about 9 inches tall, stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfiber for a nice hug factor, and then machine sewn closed for a more secure finish.

She contains no small parts and is recommended for ages 1+. Handmade cotton tags have been cut, to prevent tiny fingers from getting stuck. Raw tag edges will be slightly fuzzy. They may be cut off, if desired.

Processing time is 2-3 business days.

Please also note that international buyers may be subject to import tax, depending on your country.

To clean, hand wash or place on a short gentle cycle. Wrap in a towel and flat press out any excess water. Dry on extra low / low heat dry. As with any fabric item or garment, her color will fade slightly with extensive washing and drying. But that just adds to her charm and is a badge of how loved she is!